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Today, there are so many choices it is not

possible to show all of them, online or in our showroom, but you can start here.


One of the ways we are able to offer such

an awesome selection is by drawing from

various suppliers. Many suppliers offer online catalogs, showing some of their products.


On this page, you will find links to just a

few of the suppliers we are able to order from.

These catalogs show a limited display of

their full line and show basic options.


Please browse their catalogs and let us know

what you like, but if you do not see what you

are looking for, please call and talk to us.


If you see something somewhere else, it is

likely we can do it also. Send a picture

or link and we will let you know.


We do carry many things in stock, but

we do not always have everything

that is shown.  It can be ordered,

often, fairly quickly.


In addition, there is much more available

than is shown.  Configuration, color, size,

figures, and more, can easily be changed

to meet your needs.  We can also

incorporate your logo or

theme in many ways.


We can add custom personalization to

make your awards stand out.  Most work

is done by us here at our shop.


We like to offer you choices!

Although we carry many thing in stock, for best service, selection and pricing, we suggest that you allow at least one to two weeks or more.


This allows us time to make sure we have what you need, or allows sufficient time to order what you want and have it shipped if needed.


It also permits us time to work with you on the

details of your order, make sure everything is the

way you want it and reduces errors that may

result from rushing to get your order done.


Orders can often be done much quicker, but

your options may be more limited depending

on availability and how busy we are.

How long will it take?  

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