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Trophies Have Come A Long Way!

If you have never shopped for awards,

or have not been in a trophy shop recently,

you will be pleasently surprised at the wide

selection of awards and the many alternatives

to the traditional trophy.

Recognition has power.

When someone notices

you for your good work,

it feels great!

Recognition sends a powerful message that the recipient is important, which helps build self-esteem in an individual, reinforces desired behaviors, and helps create an atmosphere of appreciation and trust.


When you recognize people effectively, you reinforce the actions and behaviors you most want to see people repeat. By valuing and recognizing people, you harness the power of motivation, which is the single most powerful strategy used to promote performance and positive behaviors.


When employees recognize performance by their employees, chances are that they will see that good performance again.  Effective recognition contributes to job satisfaction and pride in one's work.  Employees feel cared about and appreciated.  It may seem simplistic, but people who are recognized and cared about produce more and better work.





Wide range of products

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We look forward to working with you and providing  great service and ... and Awesome Awards!!

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We offer a large variety of crystal, glass, acrylic and marble awards, as well as plaques and trophies of all kinds, medals, resin statues, clocks and desk accessories to choose from.




Whether you are

looking for  

trophies to celebrate

a team's success,

a plaque to recognize

an employee's or



an elegant glass, crystal or acrylic award for a very special occasion ... or just something to express your appreciation for a job well done, we can provide the perfect award to meet

your needs.

Our mission is to provide you with quality awards at a fair price with personal, friendly service. We don't just want to sell you something. Our goal is to make you look good by helping you choose and design awards that you will be proud to present.


We strive for creativity in all of our awards. At Awesome Awards, we care about you and will ensure that you're satisfied with your purchases.



For nearly 25 years, we have worked to offer a great selection and range of affordable awards and services.  We can help you design the perfect award for for just about any achievement you want to recognize.