Our History

Trophy Engraving Riverside, CA
For over 27 years, we have worked to offer a great selection and range of affordable awards and services. Our many years of experience give us the ability to guide you in your selection of awards and offer you suggestions and ideas on how to express your sentiments on the award you choose.

Western Trophy began in the back room of a Western Auto Parts store. The owner’s son was involved in BMX racing and they began building trophies for the BMX Club, then began offering trophies to others.

The business grew and was then sold to another individual who expanded the operations. Later, the business was sold again, and the present owner became involved with the business in 1990.

Why did we change our name to Awesome Awards?

What began as simply a trophy shop has now evolved to a full-service awards and recognition store offering a wide range of awards and services, including rotary and laser engraving, glass etching, color sublimation and more.

We have been in this area for many years and have many satisfied customers who then tell others of their great experiences and all we have to offer. The comment we hear most often from our customers is “That’s Awesome!”. We felt that Awesome Awards was a name more reflective of who we are and what we strive do.